How to Spend a Pot of Gold. Teaching Your Children to Spend Money Wisely

How to Spend a Pot of Gold. Teaching Your Children to Spend Money Wisely

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow isn’t just for leprechauns. Kids are often given gifts of money – sometimes big gifts of money – by family and friends, either at a landmark birthday, as part of an inheritance, or even for graduating pre-school, kindergarten or grade school. This money can be used in a lot of Read more.

Can You Afford It? Talking to Your Child About College Costs

Can You Afford It? Talking to Your Child About College Costs

This can be an exciting time for high school seniors. College acceptances are rolling in, and the next phase of their life is about to start. But the cost of college, how much you can afford, and post-college debts need to be factored into this decision. College is expensive, with tuition at private colleges topping $40,000 a year and nearly Read more.

The Credit Concept

The Credit Concept

Physical money isn’t the only way to pay for something. There is, of course, the credit card. It’s not too early to teach your child about the concept of credit. In fact, it’s an easy lesson to start after he or she has a firm understanding that dollars and coins can be exchanged for things. So let’s bring out some Read more.

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Looking at college costs. Here’s a primer on the two general types of loans available. - Read More

The College Board Student Loan Calculator is a great tool to help you calculate the TOTAL cost of going to college. - Read more

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Prepaid Debit Cards: Right for your teen?

Prepaid debit cards are cards that you load up with cash and can be used like any other debit card. This product started out as a banking option for those who did not have traditional checking accounts, and now business is booming. The amount of money on prepaid cards is expected to reach $168.4 billion by 2015, according to the Read more.

The 529 ask: getting help toward college costs instead of toys

It happens to almost everyone: a child is born, and well meaning family and friends bestow the child with gifts of clothes and toys until the drawers are overflowing and you’re tripping over toys shouting “make it stop!” You can ask that, instead of more cotton and plastic, your family and friends put that money into your child’s college savings Read more.

That first tax refund: how to spend

If you claim your child as a dependent, and he or she made less than $6,100 during the year, your child won’t need to file a tax return (this also assumes your child filled out a W4 and noted on that form that he or she is claimed as a dependent – which means the employer did not withhold taxes). Read more.